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Chlorine Tablets Explained! OURS vs. THEIRS!

Shopping for chlorine tablets can be confusing and overwhelming. We're here to set the record straight and help you understand the differences.

Let's start by discussing the difference in the big box stores like WalMart "cheap" chlorine tablets and our PoolSeason branded thicker, pure, Cl tablets.

Ours versus theirs:

Thickness - There's a distinct difference in the thickness of our tabs. Thicker tab means more chlorine to do the job. Be aware that some of the big box stores will tell you there are 100 tablets in a box or bucket but they're actually only 1 inch tablets! Ours are 3 inch tablets!

Breaking - With our higher quality thicker tablets they're much less likely to break in transit. Plus ours come straight to us from the manufacturer where we unload them ourselves. Going to big box stores like WalMart or using Amazon means they don't care about the product as much. They also have to unload and load it multiple times before it reaches your pool. That increases the likelihood of your chlorine tablets breaking.

Quality - 99% pure. NO FILLERS! That means we don't have any junk. Other suppliers will sell tablets that are made to look as thick as ours because they are full of JUNK! You don't need junk, you need chlorine to keep your pool safe. Not only is that bad business, but it makes you have to go back and buy more because you have to now clean up the crap they put into the tablets. Stay pure, get great results.

Shop Local - We care about you, your family, & your pool. When you come see us we are going to establish a relationship with you. We learn more about you and the goals you have for your pool and your backyard. We are here to help you with questions, sales, & referrals. ThePoolHouseKnows & ThePoolHouseCares!

If you're looking to dive even deeper into the science of pool chemistry, we recommend checking out all of the good information located over at Swim University. They have more information in text & video format to help you get your pool ready for maximum enjoyment!

Finally, remember that we would be happy to run water tests for you. If you'd like to set up a time to bring in a water sample please send us a message and we can get you set up!

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