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The Pool House Products

We offer a wide variety of pool chemicals to get your pool open and running all season long. We stock Chlorine tabs and sticks. Powder and Liquid Shock, Algaecides, Clarifier, Salt, Balancers such as Alkalinity and Calcium, Stabilizer, Muriatic Acid, and much more! We also offer pool maintenance supplies such as vacuum heads, poles, curved wall brushes, leaf nets, leaf eaters, vacuum hoses, and more!

Sustain Pool Care System

Sustain Pool Care System is the next best thing in taking care of your pool without using a ton of chlorine. Sustain is a chlorine product but it uses much less chlorine than normal chlorine treatment. Sustain is a three part system that will keep your pool cleaner, algae free, and clearer longer. Come in to the store for more information on how to become a Sustain user and all of Sustain's benefits.

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Maintenance Goods

From thermometers to vacuum heads, we have it all! We have everything you need to keep your pool clean all summer long.

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We carry Chlorine tabs & Sticks, shock in powder and liquid form, alkalinity, calcium, algaecide, Clarifier, Salt Care, and many more to keep your pool clean and sparkling all summer long! Let us water test your water and when you purchase our chemicals, your water test is free. We have top of the line chemicals that are the highest percentage on the market.

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