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We have brought in some awesome new products that will make your summer that much better by your pool. Our showroom houses all of these great products!

Whaley Bluetooth Speaker

Audiobomb has created the perfect Bluetooth speaker that is water proof! The Whaley is a portable and rechargeable speaker that has up to 10 hours of playing time, and a suction cup as well as a tail to attach the speaker wherever you wish. We offer the Whaley in three different colors.

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Squish Bluetooth Speaker

This neat little speaker is made by Audibomb and is perfect for being poolside! This speaker is waterproof, Bluetooth, and offered in three different colors. This speaker has a play time of up to 6 hours and is rechargeable!

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Solar Reflex Charger

Audiobomb offers a solar charger that will charge everything! The Solar Reflex is a 5000 mAh charger that transforms solar energy into power to charge the internal battery. This device is water, shock, and dust proof, as well as lightweight and portable. The power button also acts as an emergency LED light when tapped twice. We offer the Solar Reflex in Red.

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Weather Resistant Patio Cushions

Sprucing up your outdoor table has never been easier than with these weatherproof pillows with zip covers that can be removed to be washed. These pillows are so comfy to sit on for those outdoor chairs or a pillow for tanning.

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Flip Flop Sign

These two flip flop signs are perfect for putting on a porch or out by the pool. Flip flops never go out of style during the spring and summertime.

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Insect Catcher

These neat different colored insect catchers are perfect for by the pool to get rid of those annoying flies, mosquitos, and more.

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White Rope Hammock

Ever imagine yourself swaying in an ocean breeze in a hammock? Well now you can make that dream become a reality! We have got in stock some hammocks that will go in your backyard and make you feel like you are on a beach, swaying in the breeze.

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Fabric Swing

If you enjoy sitting in a swing, we have the perfect option for you. We have in stock new comfy, fabric swings that can be hung in your backyard for the perfect relaxed seating.

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Hummingbird Spinners

Looking for something to spruce up your backyard? We have these beautiful hummingbird spinners in three different colors that are sure to add some more appeal to your home.

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Handmade Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are hand made in the South Carolina Midlands with select hardwoods harvested in Newberry and hand-finished with a durable Spar varnish. Each chime is carefully tuned to produce either a major chord or a diatonic scale. The chimes are suspended on tough marine twine using a unique internal pin system which is almost invisible and produces a superior tone and resonance. These wind chimes truly are beautiful pieces to add to your home.

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